Episode 19

How Packaging Design Can Shine with Vicki Strull

Welcome to Pulp Nonfiction: The Paper and Packaging Podcast!

Our guest this month is Vicki Strull, Principal of Vicki Strull Design in Atlanta and a popular packaging and branding consultant. Vicki encourages us to think outside the box when it comes to understanding packaging’s primary purpose of selling products, why today’s marketplace increasingly values sustainable packaging materials like paper, how studying packaging “fails” can improve new packaging innovation, and much more!

Vicki Strull is a left brain Ivy League intellectual and a right brain dynamic creative with over 25 years in the industry. Known for the energy she brings to graphic design, strategic thinking and brand positioning, Vicki is a design strategist, consultant and packaging designer who has become an indispensable marketing and creative partner for some of the top brands in America, including HP, Bayer, Coppertone, and Pizza Hut. Vicki is a regular contributor and columnist in various design, branding, and print focused trade publications.

This podcast is brought to you by Sustana Fiber, a leading producer of FSC®-certified sustainable recycled fibers. At our facilities in De Pere, Wisconsin in the United States and Lévis, Quebec in Canada, we use automated proprietary processes to transform recovered paper into high-quality recycled fiber for use in printing papers, tissue grades and formed molded fiber packaging. We also produce EnviroLife®, a sustainable recycled fiber compliant with FDA standards for food service packaging. Learn more about how our products and manufacturing practices support the circular economy at www.sustanafiber.com.

Hosted by Sustana Fiber’s Greg Johnson, Director of New Business Development, and Dr. Marta Pazos, a leading sustainable packaging materials scientist, this monthly video podcast series features fascinating discussions on several trending topics involving sustainability.

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